Hot Wire Extension Hanger
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Hot Wire Extension Hanger


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Vibrant recycled-nylon hanger.

A series of unique recycled-nylon hangers, all in differing bold colours. Made from waste nylon powder, the process of creating the hangers results in an organic, bone-like structure.

These hangers were produced by students in a workshop led by Fabio Henry in Studio Ilio. By working with new methods in industrial production, the students used waste left over from 3D printing and waste nylon powder to create a unique shape and colour hanger. 

STORE STORE is a London-based association of artists, architects and designers composed of three core elements: an educational programme of art and architecture courses, wide-ranging public events and exhibitions, and a socially engaged design practice.

Click here to view a short film about the STORE STORE After School Club products. 

Materials: recycled plastic.

Dimensions: 37cm x 50cm

Please note that each hanger is unique and shapes/colours will vary. 

This product is Click and Collect in store only, due to the delicacy of the product.