Hats for Sale Print by Tirzah Mileham
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Hats for Sale Print by Tirzah Mileham


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Hats For Sale A3 Print by Tirzah Mileham, part of Submit to Love Studios.

Tirzah Mileham is a huge fan of 80s pop tunes, you’ll find her in the studio singing along with gusto. But look down on the page in front of her, and her hands are also communicating something urgent in their own unique language. For more than 17 years she has been honing her craft; using vibrant colour and pattern to capture the intricate beauty of the natural world. recently she’s shifted her focus to fashionable figures; creating expansive monochromatic drawings which fill every inch of her mind and paper.

Submit to Love Studios is home to a group of more than 40 artists living with a brain injury. All artists are members of Headway East London in Hackney — a local charity supporting brain injury survivors.

Your purchase today helps support the ongoing work of Submit to Love Studios, Headway East London, and all of our artists.

Dimensions: A3 print