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Unique Colour Tiles
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Unique Colour Tiles Unique Colour Tiles Unique Colour Tiles

Unique Colour Tiles

  • £12.00

These individual glazed ceramic tiles  have been hand decorated in Granby Workshop. 

The project was set up by Assemble as part of their ongoing work in the area and for their contribution to the Turner Prize 2015 they built a showroom displaying the products of the Workshop.

Straight edged, free-cut or torn, a range of shapes are freshly cut from ceramic decal paper and are soaked in water and collaged onto individual tiles. After being fired overnight in the kiln, they permanently bond to the tile. The design on each tile is completely unique and characteristic of its maker. 

Arrange them together in a grid or scatter randomly and unexpected connections will emerge.

150 x 150 x 8mm

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