Let’s Become Fungal!: Mycelium Teachings and the Arts
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Let’s Become Fungal!: Mycelium Teachings and the Arts


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Based on Conversations with Indigenous Wisdom Keepers, Artists, Curators, Feminists and Mycologists: Twelve lessons in fungal activism, Indigenous knowledge and collaboration for artists, gardeners, educators and anyone intrigued by the fascinating life and inspiring metaphors of the mycelium and the mushroom.

The enormous popular interest in the world of fungi and the mycelium testifies to its tremendous resonance as a metaphor for new ways of thinking, new systems and behaviors. Taking its inspiration from this world, Let's Become Fungal! looks at a range of Indigenous practices from Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia that are rooted in multispecies collaboration, symbiosis, alliances, non-monetary resource exchange, decentralization, bottom-up methods and mutual dependency-all suggestive of the behavior of the mycelium.

by Yasmine Ostendorf-Rodríguez (Author), Rommy González (Illustrator)


Pages: 336

Dimensions: 16.79 x 2.59 x 23.8 cm