Photography Of Protest and Community by Noni Stacey
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Photography Of Protest and Community by Noni Stacey


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The story of community photography produced by the radical collectives in the 1970s.

During the 1970s, London-based photographers joined together to form collectives which engaged with local and international political protest in cities across the UK. This book is a survey of the radical community photography that these collectives produced. The photographers derived inspiration from counterculture while finding new ways to produce, publish and exhibit their work. They wanted to do things in their own way, to create their own magazines and exhibition networks, and to take their politicised photographic and textual commentary on the re-imagination of British cities in the post-war period into community centres, laundrettes, Working Men’s Clubs, polytechnics, nurseries.

It reveals how they created a ‘history from below’, positioning themselves outside of established mainstream media, and aiming to make the invisible visible by bringing the disenfranchised and marginalised into the political debate.

Hardback, 208 pages

Dimensions: 19 x 25 cm