Design, Play, Change: A Playful Introduction to Design Thinking
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Design, Play, Change: A Playful Introduction to Design Thinking


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Design, Play, Change is a game and a book providing 36 design methods that will help shift the creative process of the users and help them work collaboratively to overcome problems they face.

This book is designed for those looking to enter into the world of design thinking, the easy-to-follow game format making this an accessible, light-hearted, yet powerful place to begin. Balancing a detailed knowledge of the field with design methods that bring out creative ways of thinking, the book is a must-have for those looking for a unique way to overcome problems. From students and teachers to passionate entrepreneurs and project managers, these games can run with everyone. Whether facing societal, ecological, cultural, organizational, or strategic problems, Design Play, Change helps users collaboratively develop action plans for positive change.

EMBRACE CREATIVITY using the 40 design method cards and easy-play game format

EDUCATIONAL TOOLKIT that combines design and game theory

BOOK AND CARD DECK combination means you can learn in-depth theory behind design thinking and put it into practice through a game

102 pages. 

Size: 165 x 227mm.