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WePresent Magazine Issue No. 6

In the third iteration of its widely talked-about design concept, WePresent - the arts platform of WeTransfer - has once more delivered its bi-annual print publication designed by not one but three different global design studios.

This time, WePresent collaborated with:

FISK: a Portland-based graphic design studio who create “thoughtful experiences for physical and digital spaces in collaboration with clients, friends, artists and the greater community”

Polymode, a “bi-coastal, queer, and minority-owned graphic design studio leading the edge of design with thought-provoking work for clients across the cultural sphere.”

Gustavo Eandi: a designer based in Mar del Plata in Argentina who has created intelligent, informed, subversive work for some of the coolest record labels, fashion brands and publishers. 


The theme of the content of this issue is “endurance” – most of the features will, in some way, glance at the resilience and enduring power of art and artists. 

Quote from Editor's Letter:

“That’s why the theme of this issue is ‘endurance.’ Making art is difficult and painful, yet people insist on doing it anyway. Maybe it’s because it’s fascinating, rewarding and fulfilling, because it fosters community and spreads positive or necessary information. Maybe it’s because even though it’s hard—see Michelangelo with a crick in his neck, dripping paint on his own face for four years straight—we understand that the unique beauty to be found at the end, the pearl we dove down for, is more than worth it.” - Liv Siddall, Senior Editor

Content Highlights:

Cover Story:
“What Does it Really Cost to be an Artist?” by Severin Matusek

A thoroughly-researched long read that investigates what it really costs to be an artist in the modern world, and how people afford to pursue their creative dreams. 

Photo feature:

“Village Breeze” by Heather Sten

Photographer Heather Sten documents the day-to-day life and devil-may-care attitude of her elderly mother.

American rapper and songwriter Ashnikko pens a list of 100 things that went into their latest record.

“Game, Shot” by Liv Little

A short story set in 90s Brixton, London, by writer, author and Gal-Dem founder Liv Little

Russell Tovey’s Permanent Collection

Writer Douglas Greenwood interviews Russell Tovey about the permanent collection of art that resides in his mind.

Julianknxx: Chorus in Rememory of Flight

Precious Adesina speaks to Sierra Leonian artist and poet Julianknxx about his epic multimedia film project that he created in partnership with The Barbican and WePresent.

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